The Award Winning Short: iPhone 7 Unboxing!

Good Good Comedy is an awesome little comedy theater (and community) in Philadelphia that puts on cheap comedy shows literally every single night. One of their regular events is the Phone It In Film Festival, a monthly event where people show short films shot entirely on a smartphone.

My roommate Tyler Horst and I won this month's Best In Show prize with the video above. He already had a regional Emmy for a documentary he did on gentrification around Temple University, but this is my first award in film, and you can bet I'm going to milk it for everything I can.

And since we were never good at sports and it feels nice to win things, we're already hard at work on our next video. Stay tuned.



FINE 2016

Less than 10% of Americans voted for Trump or Clinton in the primaries. That means most of us aren't super stoked on either of our options this election. Where is the campaign gear for us? Where are our colorful t-shirts that celebrate the unfortunate but noble choice of a pile of garbage over a flaming pile of garbage?

Well, now they're in my webstore.

I've been writing/designing and having clothing printed for myself and friends for a while now, and after getting some compliments on my original shirts, I've been thinking about selling them. This was a nice chance to get some gear up all at once and become the voice of my generation all at once. 

I will be uploading more designs soon, and write about them here, so watch as this becomes a whole thing.




Happy Valentines Day

After a long year of my friends and I calling each other trash, I wanted to let them know how I really, felt about them. 

My second annual Valentine project I got a bit more crafty than usual. But after a few sketches, mockups and false folds I managed to make a non-traditional card that opens and closes nice and smooth.

Media: Card Paper, Gluestick



In The Works: Burgr

Where can Online Food Delivery go now that it can't get any simple? I vote we make it sexy.  

Burgr is an experience I like to call "Tinder for Burgers".  It combines the On Demand delivery functionality of Seamless or GrubHub through the Casual Sex interface of Tinder matching and of course, flirting.  

Screens are on the way.



Goodbye to HonorsLounge

Since I'm graduating from Temple in a week it's time to say goodbye to good old  I've been Staff Writer at this Temple Honors Program sanctioned blog for most of the last three years, and it's been home to most of my extra-curricular creative output in that time as well.  

Since I hope I plan on only being gone in body and not in spirit, for my last post, I left them a bunch of ideas for projects I didn't have the time, resources, or approval to get through in my tenure there.  A case is made for T-shirts, an Honors Sauna, and a full-sized bronze statue of me carrying the blog's founders on my shoulders.  The full article is available here.





I just sold my first design

I just designed a bunch of logos for a startup company called GuestNet, and they actually picked one and gave me money for it.  How cool is that?

Even cooler, they picked my design over the ones of an undisclosed number of other designers they were talking to, which is great because the things I am good at are not typically the kind of things you can beat other people at.

If you want to play a fun game, here's all of the logos I designed,  see if you can guess which one they picked.


Or if you don't want to play a fun game, it was this one.  

GuestNet is a service for establishments that offer free wi-fi to monetize their connection as a marketing tool.  For more information visit



Valentine's Butts (Free Download)

Still need a little something for that special someone?  Can't find a card that says what's really in your heart?  Well do I have the valentines for you.

I came up with this idea a few days ago, and I was able to throw these together between classes just in time for Valentine's Day.  It started with just one wildly inappropriate card, and quickly evolved into a full series of 6 butt-themed Valentines.

I showed these to a few classmates while I was making them and everybody wanted some.  So I figured I would make high-quality pdfs available to download in time for everyone to print them out and make their own for all of their respective baes.

First off, here are some web-quality ecards you can just send around electronically if you're lazy. :

 You can download them all by clicking the links below.  The first one is an 8x11 pdf of all 6 of these (if you want a bunch to give to your friends), the rest are individual 8x11 pdfs of each of the hearts (if you just need one big one for bae).

[Click to Download all 6]

[Click for Dat Booty Doe]

[Click for Butt Buddies]

[Click for Sit On My Face]

[Click for Damn]

[Click for Ass Had Me Like]

[Click for *trap snares*]

May they bring you happiness, and booty.



Guess whose work got featured on ADC Global's School Spotlight?

You actually really have to guess because it doesn't give anybody's names, but I'm not complaining.  

ADC Global's blog did a feature on Temple University's Advertising program, which I happen to be a part of.  Two of my teachers asked me to submit some of my work, and now it's there, in a slider with a bunch of other kids' work.  

Even if my name's not on it, I can still tell you that Method Home cleaning products campaign was mine, and I'm still super-proud of it. 

I'd like to give a shout-out to Tracy Agostarola, under whose instruction I made the campaign, and of course the incomparable Kathy Mueller for putting this out there (and teaching me pretty much everything I know about Photoshop).

The full article can be read here:



Hodor's Lounge

As a staff writer for the Temple University Honors, I approached our editors about a possible one-day-only Game of Thrones takeover of the site to tie in with the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere, the likes of which the college blog community had never been seen before.  They immediately told me to get to work, and 4 days later, on April 6th 2014, Honors Lounge became Hodor's Lounge.  

(For those unfamiliar, Hodor is essentially the village idiot of Winterfell, he can only say "Hodor" and is a fan favorite.) 
In addition to actually creating most of the content, I promoted heavily on reddit, buzzfeed, twitter, tumblr and facebook, all of which paid off, because:

  • The site got over 2500 views that day, which is about double our daily average traffic.  And nearly 4 times our average for a Sunday.  
  • The site received so much traffic that it crashed for a few minutes around 10PM, right after the Game of Thrones episode ended.
  • All the articles were taken down at midnight except my Hodor Awarded Congressional Medal of Hodor, which is viewable here
  • As of April 9th, according to one of our directors, this article has been responsible for 20% (5K)  of our roughly 20,000 page views for the month of April, having only been up for 3 days at the time .  
  • Update: Nearly a year later, my editor tells me people are still telling him how much they loved this.

    This is my proudest achievement to date.