Still need a little something for that special someone?  Can't find a card that says what's really in your heart?  Well do I have the valentines for you.

I came up with this idea a few days ago, and I was able to throw these together between classes just in time for Valentine's Day.  It started with just one wildly inappropriate card, and quickly evolved into a full series of 6 butt-themed Valentines.

I showed these to a few classmates while I was making them and everybody wanted some.  So I figured I would make high-quality pdfs available to download in time for everyone to print them out and make their own for all of their respective baes.

First off, here are some web-quality ecards you can just send around electronically if you're lazy. :

 You can download them all by clicking the links below.  The first one is an 8x11 pdf of all 6 of these (if you want a bunch to give to your friends), the rest are individual 8x11 pdfs of each of the hearts (if you just need one big one for bae).

[Click to Download all 6]

[Click for Dat Booty Doe]

[Click for Butt Buddies]

[Click for Sit On My Face]

[Click for Damn]

[Click for Ass Had Me Like]

[Click for *trap snares*]

May they bring you happiness, and booty.